Rural Air Work specialise in spreading applications:
  • Spreading - urea, MAP, DAP etc
  • Sowing - cereals, grains, pasture seeds etc
  • Baiting - mice etc

Spreading, sowing and baiting rates from 1KG / HA up to 400KG / HA.

Rural air work employees are professionally trained and Spraysafe accredited. We are a member of AAAA Spraysafe programme (Aerial Agricultural Association Australia) and AIMS accredited (Aerial Improvement Management System).

All Aircraft are GPS equipped with data log recording.

Rural Air Work's main base on the Gingham Rd, Moree NSW, has fully approved Agricultural Aircraft loading facilities. Our sub-bases and remote airstrips are serviced by our modern fleet of ground support vehicles. All fitted with approved mobile mixing vats and aircraft fuelling systems. Our approved trucks and fertiliser loading units allow us to work on remote airstrips and change between different forms of application effortlessly.

The timing and the ability to get spreading of a large area completed in a short period of time, means that a producer can beat that rain front or control pest pressure in a timely matter.

Rural Air Work is committed to professionalism in Aerial Agriculture.

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