• What are your operating hours?
  • What do I need to do to get some spraying done?
  • What are the benefits of using an aircraft?
  • Do I need to contact my neighbours?
  • What water rates can you apply?
  • How do I get the chemical to you?
  • Do you need anyone in the field?
  • What about the empty containers?
  • What are the requirements for an airstrip?
Call anytime we operate 24hrs a day.
to submit your requirements online CLICK HERE, alternatively phone one of our friendly staff or fax through your map and application order form.
Good even coverage, no soil compaction, timely application, covering large and small areas quickly, no disease transfer to name a few, for a full list please visit our spraying and spreading page and check out the ground vs air tab.
Yes. It is important to contact your neighbours not only to let them know but also to find out what other susceptible crops or hazards are about.
Anything from 3L per HA up to 300L per HA. Be sure to check the minimum water rates on the label of the product to be applied.
Rural Air Work carries a large range of consignment stock for most of the local suppliers. The product used is to the litre so no need to worry about any part drums left over, as these are returned to stock. If you have your own chemical on farm, just talk to our staff when you are booking in your job.
No, for the safety of all it is best to stay away from the field. The pilot will call on your UHF channel if there are any questions. All aircraft are GPS equipped.
All containers will be taken care of through Rural Air Work's drum muster approved recycling scheme.
Ideally 1000m long by 40m wide with a good clear way at the end (i.e. no tall objects like power wires, trees etc). Preferably away from houses especially neighbours and a good, clean source of water. If you think you have an ideal spot please contact us.