Rural Air Work specialise in spraying applications:
  • Herbicide - pre / post emergence, fallow
  • Insecticide - ULV, EC formulations
  • Fungicide - rust, ascochyta, mildew etc
  • Foliar Fertiliser - liquid fertiliser sprays

Liquid application rates from 3L / HA up to 300L / HA.

Rural air work employees are professionally trained and Spraysafe accredited. We are a member of AAAA Spraysafe programme (Aerial Agricultural Association Australia) and AIMS accredited (Aerial Improvement Management System).

All Aircraft are GPS equipped with data log recording. Our equipment and highly trained staff enable us to carry out night operations during the summer months.

Rural Air Work's main base on the Gingham Rd, Moree NSW, has fully approved Agricultural Aircraft loading facilities. Our sub-bases and remote airstrips are serviced by our modern fleet of ground support vehicles. All fitted with approved mobile mixing vats and aircraft fuelling systems. Our approved trucks and fertiliser loading units allow us to work on remote airstrips and change between different forms of application effortlessly.

All empty containers are rinsed into the application mix and returned to our Drum Muster approved compound for recycling.

We carry an extensive range of chemicals on consignment for most of the local Suppliers. If the chemical you require is on hand and available through your preferred supplier, Rural Air work can be on job in even less time. All part drums after an application goes back into consignment hence eliminating all those part drums lying around your shed.

Rural Air Work is committed to professionalism in Aerial Agriculture.

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